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Sunday, October 23, 2011

the search for a church

Since moving to Wichita, my husband and I have been on a search for the perfect church for us to attend regularly.  It's hard to move from my small town churches to a city where there are several to choose from.  We belong to the Church of Christ.  I was raised in the church back home and even when I had the chance to go search for what fits me better, I found that I still belong there.  I believe the way they believe.  They believe in what the Bible teaches.  While I was in college, at Oklahoma Christian (a Church of Christ affiliated school), I realized how different some Churches of Christ were from others.  When you have a college like that, you have a very widespread group of people from different churches with different ideas and styles of beliefs.  I learned quickly that it was important to find one that was based on sound doctrine and strictly followed the Bible without adding or taking away from it.

Now that I'm away from my Church of Christ "community" where I was surrounded with a support system I knew I could always count on, it's very difficult to find the right place for us to worship.  We have been to several around the Wichita area and we have walked out of a couple of them saddened by another church we could never feel comfortable attending.  We have been looking for one that had a good group of young married couples because we have hopes of gaining some wonderful Christian friendships.  There has been only one that has that, but we didn't feel as if we "fit" with them....until today.  

Today we attended one that was a pretty lengthy drive from our apartment.  But it was fantastic!  We were greeted by many of the younger couples in the congregation (as well as the older members) and it felt like a good mix of newer songs with the old-school style that I'm used to.  We have already been invited to join in on some of their upcoming events and had a hard time pulling away from one couple we met after services were over.  We felt comfortable being there.  They showed us no reason that we shouldn't return.  I feel such relief to know that God may have answered a prayer that I've been asking to be answered for a long time!

Have a wonderful week!!  Let me know if I need to add anything to my prayers!!! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

boy meets world day!!!!

Since I am home alone all day while the husband goes to work, I have decided to watch the MANY recorded episodes of Boy Meets World. 

Our U-Verse started telling me that it was going to delete them because it was getting too full so it sounded like a good way to spend the day!  Of course, at some point, I'm going to have to be productive and do some work for school next week, but that's for later.  Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!