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Sunday, December 22, 2013

10 Things I Love About My Husband

While reading through some of my favorite blogs this morning, I came across this post called 10 Things I Love About My Husband !  Her blog is called The Unveiled Wife and she offers many insights on marriage.  She challenges her readers to create their own list so here is mine!

10 Things I Love About My Husband

1.  He is hard-working.

    There aren't many men out there who actually have the option to stay home on Saturdays and still choose to go in to work!  For me, Saturdays are all about staying in bed, relaxing, and reading a good-sized chunk out of whatever book I have that day!  I try to convince him to stay home with me and sleep in but he rarely takes me up on it!

2.  He boosts my confidence.

    I'm not gonna lie, I don't have a lot of confidence in my abilities these days.  In fact, there are days when I'm feeling downright low.  I tell him about my day at work or whatever else I'm struggling with and he reminds me that I am a good teacher or that I am a good friend.  He's great at it!

3.  He is going to be a loving father.

     We don't have kids yet.  We may not have them for another year or two still...but I know he will love his kids and do what's best for them.  I know this because of the way he treats our dog, Caya.  She recently hurt her back and he refuses to let her run or play too hard (no matter how much she wants to go crazy in the snow!)  We both love our dogs like they're our kids and he constantly impresses me with his love for her.  Now, let's not go too far into the detail that we have TWO dogs and the other one doesn't get nearly as much attention from Kyle as Caya does...  we won't play favorites with our kids, PROMISE!

4.  He knows when I'm overwhelmed.

     When I've had a long, hard day at work, he usually offers to start supper for me.  He respects my need to come home and do NOTHING after rough days with 34 preschoolers!

5.  His sense of humor.

    Now this one can go either way.  He makes me CRAZY with this at times but ultimately, I love how fun he is and most of the time, even when he's driving me nuts, I can't help but smile and laugh.
See what I mean?

6.  He asks for my opinion.

     "Are my lines straight?" when he's shaving.  "Does this shirt look okay with these shoes?"

7.  He tries to include me when we are around his friends.

   This one is something we've dealt with more recently.  I expressed to him how I felt so out of place (I am not a science person...) around his geology friends and that's all I had to do.  The next time, he tried to make sure we were talking about things besides geology.  We talked about TV shows and our hometown event called "Walnut Valley Festival."

8.  His common sense.

     There are a lot of times when I am a bit of an airhead.  Trust me, he's NOT!

9.  His interest in geology

    Again, I don't have the brain for science.  I never have.  He blows me away with his ability to sit there and talk science (he's super smart) and still be able to talk about football or shooting guns and all those "guy's guy" things.

10.  He is a problem-solver.

     I struggle with finding alternate solutions when my first choice doesn't work.  I get stressed out instantly when I fail!  For example, when we pack to come back home from a trip to Winfield or to visit his dad in Missouri, I throw everything in the suitcase and get very upset when I can't get it to zip.  Kyle comes in and puzzle-pieces everything in there and zips it right up!  Maybe I will just let him handle that from now on...  (He says he hopes that's not my solution for everything!)

Okay, those are my ten!  I am going to finish this off with a recent picture of us being goofballs.  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Treasure vs. My Faith

Wow, I haven't posted on here in FOREVER! It's been like a year!  But this morning as I was spending a bit of time with God, I stumbled across an answer to my prayers...well, the start of one anyway!

I struggled with sleep last night.  While Kyle was busy sleeping soundly, I was trying to keep myself busy in hopes that sleep would find me eventually.  I was on Facebook, playing Candy Crush, checking the weather, and doing who knows what else in my MUCH too awakened state; but a hymn we sing frequently in church spontaneously popped into my head.  I don't know the exact name of it but it goes like this: "There is pow'r, pow'r, wonderworking pow'r in the blood of the lamb...."  Maybe you recognize it.

But anyway, this song pops up into my head and my mind started reeling!  I started wondering why that song, of all the ones I love to sing on a somewhat daily basis, is the one that came up.  I can't explain how/why my mind works the way it does; I suppose only God can because it's a mystery even to me.. but I ended up in prayer and realizing that I am TERRIFIED to die someday..  I'm not ready to leave this world because, honestly, I'm pretty fond of it.  I'm happy here.  This world has everything/everybody I've been blessed with in my life.  Last Sunday, at church, the sermon was about focusing on Heavenly things and not worldly things.  That might explain some of my thought process I guess...  But as I was praying, I asked God to please show me how to loosen my grasp on the world so that I can be ready when the time comes to let it go completely.

Well, at some point last night, I fell asleep.  But guess what my reading was about in my Women's Devotional Bible! The passage was the story of Hannah and how she dedicated her son to God after He had blessed her with a baby.  (1 Samuel 1:1-27) The devotional, titled "Ultimate Surrender," was written by Katie Brazelton and she talked about how she had a hard time letting go of her house when God was telling her to.  She fought and fought Him but she eventually did it and later came to realize that it was a blessing.  The reflection questions that followed the devotional asked:

  • What one thing are you holding back from God?
  • What would happen if you released it?
  • Why does God insist we sometimes give up things that seem to bring us joy?
Honestly I'm horrible at answering those reflection questions and I usually find some way to distract myself to where I don't have to...terrible, I know.  But the lightbulb clicked at that moment as I was reading them and I realized that this can be applied to my struggles from last night!  One of the biggest things that I'm struggling with letting go of is the WORLD!!!  (Ding, ding ding!!!)  I went on to read the little "Related Readings" portion and went to Matthew 6:19-34.  I don't want to keep you reading my post any longer than you have to but if you're interested, I encourage you to read the passage on your own.  God was speaking (almost screaming, honestly) to me this morning and I know that it's more than a coincidence that I was pointed toward these verses and stories today.  

One. of. my. favorite. verses!  The rest of the passage really hit home too.  

While I know that it's not going to be an instant change, and I'm very aware that I will struggle with this my whole life, I know now where to begin..

I hope I didn't bore you too much.  I just wanted to share my revelation with you in hopes that you can help support and pray for me.  I know this is a worldwide, no pun intended, struggle for many others as well.  Let me know if I need to add you to my prayers and maybe we can help each other!

Also, while I'm going on and on and on.... I know I didn't cite my devotional and its author too well but there's a link here taking you to where you can buy it if you're interested.  Have a wonderful day!!!