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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tis the season!

I woke up this morning with a very low-grade fever.  I still went to work because I didn't feel the need to use my sick time just yet.  I knew that eventually all of the runny noses and sneezes in my classroom would get to me.  It usually does.  I am lucky to have made it this far without coming down with anything.  Anyway, I went to work with the help of Advil and willpower.  But by lunch, I was feeling aches in my muscles and chills again.  So I went home.  Luckily, Kyle was off work today and had some soup waiting for me when I got home.  What a wonderful husband I have!  Then I took some of my precious liquid Tylenol and fell asleep for four hours!  I may not be able to sleep later but it sure felt good to sleep that long uninterrupted!

But, now that I'm awake, I feel it's time to work on the vocab words I need to get done.  So, pray that I'm healthy enough to return to work tomorrow!!!  God bless...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

blog frustrations!

So I have been messing with my blog design all morning.  I am still not completely impressed with what I settled on.  Most of the blogs I read regularly have blogs that don't seem possible while using Blogger, yet that's what all of them use!  So if anyone can shed some light on how to make it more unique, I would love the input!!!!

I'm looking forward to having the whole day to be lazy and sit around in my pajamas!  It seems like forever since I've had the opportunity to do this.  With my job taking up the weekdays, Kyle and I can only go take care of out-of-town business on the weekends.  But, in the last week, he has taken a new job and won't always have weekends off.  So here I sit, on the couch, preparing to have the whole day to myself!  (Not that I don't love spending every spare moment with my husband; I just enjoy time alone sometimes!)

Next week, I am teaching my kiddos at school about Fall.  Today will also give me some time to catch up on some preparation for that!  I love coloring all of the leaves I felt would be a good idea to print off.  I believe the grand total was 50, but it definitely feels like hundreds by now after all of the cutting and coloring I've been doing!

So, I've made my waffles for breakfast, I've got my comfy pj's on, and I've got the remote sitting next to me.  Let's enjoy this day!!!!  :-)