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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

tis the season!

I woke up this morning with a very low-grade fever.  I still went to work because I didn't feel the need to use my sick time just yet.  I knew that eventually all of the runny noses and sneezes in my classroom would get to me.  It usually does.  I am lucky to have made it this far without coming down with anything.  Anyway, I went to work with the help of Advil and willpower.  But by lunch, I was feeling aches in my muscles and chills again.  So I went home.  Luckily, Kyle was off work today and had some soup waiting for me when I got home.  What a wonderful husband I have!  Then I took some of my precious liquid Tylenol and fell asleep for four hours!  I may not be able to sleep later but it sure felt good to sleep that long uninterrupted!

But, now that I'm awake, I feel it's time to work on the vocab words I need to get done.  So, pray that I'm healthy enough to return to work tomorrow!!!  God bless...

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