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Sunday, February 19, 2012


On Friday, Kyle and I drove back home to pick up our doggies and bring them back to our house to live with us!  This has been discussed ever since we moved to Wichita but we were waiting for the right time to add to our newlywed lifestyle.  The time finally came and our household of two has become a household of four!  We were so excited up until Friday actually got here.  It was then that we became pretty nervous about the whole ordeal.  What if they don't get along like we think they will?  What if we are taking Legit back to his old personality by taking him away from where he's comfortable?  What if we can't keep up with Caya's endless supply of Husky hair?  What if? What if? What if?!

But we still went through with it.  They had never met until they were both in the car and even then, it wasn't a good opportunity to meet each other.  They both tend to get carsick and with the hour drive, they were definitely more fidgety than happy to see each other.  I was disappointed that when we all got into the house, there was no rear-sniffing or anything to meet each other.  They didn't really seem to acknowledge each other until we were walking around on leashes out in our backyard.  Once we got inside, Caya tried to play with Legit but he snapped at her and since then, I have been on edge when they're next to each other.  They seem to have no problem following Kyle and me around the house together, but if she's right up in his face, he's going to make it known he doesn't want her there.  (Legit is a bit of special case for those of you who don't know about him already...)

My sense of contentment with the situation didn't really start until last night when I witnessed this:
They both finally ate their food today and we have gotten a pretty good "potty schedule" down so that this week while Kyle and I are at work and school, we can know that they should be able to hold it while they are at home alone.  (Still a little bit worried though...) The dogs aren't getting along as well as we would like but I do honestly believe it will come with time!  Kyle's and my void has temporarily been filled.

Now if we can just find time to cuddle again without our furry friends in between us... :-)

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