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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I just experienced my first earthquake EVER!!  I live in Wichita, Kansas and I felt an earthquake.  According to Facebook, there was another one last night too that was felt across Oklahoma and around the Wichita area, but I felt nothing during that one.  I definitely felt this one!  The news said it was a 5.6 magnitude.  My first instinct was to pray to God for safety.  I had no idea what was going on.  Kyle was in the bath so I grabbed my phone and jumped up to run to the bathroom while calling my dad to see if he and my mom felt it.  They did.

Because I grew up in Kansas, I have not been taught how to react to an earthquake.  I had no idea that you're supposed to hide under something sturdy.  I just sat here on the couch...  Hopefully we never experience one big enough to need something sturdy over my head.  I will die.

P.S. I am thankful for the whole day of relaxation.  I did nothing but clean my cabinets and cook.  Life is good...  God bless!!

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