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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new residence!

My husband and I will be moving into our first house soon.  I say "our" but it's actually a rental.  But it's ours!  I'm not proud of the way the exterior looks.  I think my first words about the place were that it looked like "somewhere my grandma would live."  Kyle told me not to judge the place before we go inside and I doubted him.  He was right.  The inside is INCREDIBLE!  It's no dream house, but it's perfect for what we've been looking for!  It's in a good location, it's got great space for a married couple without kids, two bedrooms, a garage, and a huge yard for our puppies to romp and run in!  My biggest setback at the moment is the fact that we will be losing our U-VERSE.  We found out that it's not covered in the neighborhood.  I will have to find something else to do with my evenings I guess..

Maybe if we move quick enough, I can still get a Christmas tree?  Hmm...

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