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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have a ton of stuff to blog about!

First, I want to ask for help from some of my blog expert friends.  How do you guys get the cute header designs?  I finally figured out how to get a new background through a design website but I'm not finding any header templates to use instead of my picture that I have.  Since I know so many bloggers have all the info on the creative designers and whatnot, I figured I should just ask!

We have moved into our new place and while it does have its little quirks, it is finally starting to feel like home.  I have pictures of the house from before we moved in but the proof that it's actually lived in will come later after I get it all decorated!  

I'm not proud of the exterior.  I think it looks ugly.  But the inside...

This is the living room!  Yep..hardwood floors!

The green kitchen!  It was an ugly color at first but it has grown on me quite a bit!

The spare bedroom.  Must have been a little boy's room previously!

The master bedroom!  I'm not a big fan of brown but I still like it!!

I also got my Christmas tree!

This was a new experience for both Kyle and me this year.  It was our first Christmas as a married couple!  We got to celebrate with both of our families and it was perfect!  
Christmas Eve at his mom's.

Our little family at my parents' house (minus Caya Ann!)

Hope your holiday was just as special as ours was!  Happy New Year to everyone!

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  1. Looks like there's LOTS of potential in your new home! So exciting! :) It also looks like we have a shared love of zebra print! haha! I have that zebra Scentsy too!
    So about headers... Most free websites have where you can download and then edit headers just like your background. You can usually edit them with Paint or Photobucket online.