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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

better late than never

It's been forever since I've blogged.  Not sure where my motivation has gone to so here we go...

My preschoolers are back!  They came back yesterday and I would say their first day was better than I expected it to be!  We only had three criers (that word looks weird when you type it out) and only one of them cried later in the day.  They all struggled with the concept of rest time.  I have a room of 17 four and five-year-olds.  They were whiny, they were cranky, and they weren't havin it!  Today was a little more stressful.  They got....comfortable.  I had to stress how important it was that my friends absolutely CANNOT go outside without my saying so.  We were lining up to go enjoy the day outside and next thing I know, there goes three of my kids.  We had a nice little talk...  But, I am pleased to say that they seem to like me and we get along pretty well so far.  Does that sound like a jinx???

On another note, my husband has given me the news that he has to leave next summer for five weeks to go on a trip for school.  Those who are military wives will probably make fun of me or even call me stupid to complain, but I'm not cut out to be left alone for that long!  You can laugh, it sounds ridiculous, but yet it's true.  Five weeks is more than a month!!!  When he graduates and becomes a geologist (man, that word looks funny too) I might be okay with the fact that he had to go away for a while because I will then be able to stay home and not work.  But for now, I'm not okay with it!!!  What school doesn't consider their students' family lives?  Some of them have to work to support their families.  I will be receiving unemployment next summer and I don't think that will pay the bills.  We certainly do not have children but what if we did?!  We would not survive without another source of income for a month.  I just don't understand...   Anyway..  I won't whine about it on here anymore.  I'll wait until he gets home from work!  :-)

Okay, I hit a rut.  I have nothing else to say!  But, I hope you're having a wonderful evening and God bless!!!

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