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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

blog depression

I think I've been in a sort of "blog-depression mode."  I have wanted to write but I just haven't felt like anything in my life was worth blogging about!  I have still been reading the ones I follow but I haven't had any motivation to write myself.  So let's make an attempt and see if I can pull myself out of this funk!

I went back to my "big girl job!"  That being said, I have been doing nothing but pre-service meetings since then.  I have decided I'm ready to apply for a lead teacher position.  It's killing me during this back-to-school season.  I haven't been able to shop with my students in mind.  I keep being haunted by the idea of having my own classroom and wanting to set one up that's MY OWN!  It's time...

Okay, got that off my chest!  So here are some wedding pictures!

Me walking down the LOOOONNNNG path to see Kyle for the first time!

I was starting to sweat.  That dress was not easy to carry!!


Stay tuned for the first glance!!!

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