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Thursday, May 5, 2011


IT'S GETTING SO CLOSE!!  I am having a hard time facing the reality of how close the wedding truly is.  It just kinda hit me a few minutes ago.  I start my job on Monday and time is going to fly so fast!  I won't have any more time to go different places to straighten things out.  Everything will have to be done over the phone on lunch breaks now.  There's still SOOOO much to do!!  We haven't even ordered our flowers yet.  The shop told us to wait until after Mother's Day to order our flowers to avoid the crowd.  Our wedding favors still need to have ribbons tied to them and I need to recruit my darling flower girls to come help me out.  Looking at the checklist that the Knot's website gives me really stresses me out!  I haven't followed that thing one bit.

Anyway, I could spend all day writing about how stressed I am but there are other things I should be doing since I'm running out of time.

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