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Thursday, April 28, 2011

a phone call

It's been quite an eventful day!  Let's start at the beginning..

I got to try on my dress again today!  I got a little bit scared when it wouldn't zip up.  I might have gained a few pounds since last time..ugh.  So not it's my goal to not eat fattening things because I can't afford to gain ANY MORE WEIGHT!!  But the dress is beautiful and I still can't wait to wear it in....22 days!  It's so close...

I also got to bring home my bridesmaid's dresses today.  The colors are beautiful but I'm worried that the sizes aren't right.  Uh oh..  

Okay, on to the BIG news!  I am now EMPLOYED!!  I got a call today from a daycare that I had an interview at a while back.  I've been hired as an assistant teacher and that would probably count as enough for me to get my teaching license from Oklahoma.  This could be what I needed!  I start May 9th!  Wish me luck..

the EMPLOYED bridezilla!

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