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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the spontaneous couple..

I'm beginning to think that Kyle and I top everyone on last minute unthought-out decisions!  I received a phone call today from an apartment complex.  A month or two ago, we were parked outside of this complex waiting for our appointment to view one of their apartments and townhomes.  At that very moment, Kyle realized he couldn't go in because he was fixing to have some serious kidney stone pain!  So we started driving home and I had to call and cancel our appointment.  I guess they kept us on their call list though because their voicemail stated that they had a two bedroom apartment available to be moved into at the beginning of June.  This would have been out of the question had we not had a serious talk about money last night.  We have already reserved our previous one-bedroom apartment (just reserved, no deposit) and realized last night that since I'm still without a job, we can't afford to pay the rent!!  (Our move-in date is May 13th..)  Anyway, I'm fixing to drive to Derby for the second time today to go reserve this one and get the ball rolling to get it.  It's bigger, cheaper, and in a better area.  I feel slightly rushed to get this one because I know that I'm not the only one they called about this one's new availability!  But I can't help but think this is the one that God meant for us to have all along and if it weren't for Kyle's kidney stone that day then it would have been ours already!  (Pesky kidney stone!)  So now we can push back our move-in date and give me more time to get a job.

Speaking of money, I also found out today that my car has been totaled by hail.  I can either sell it to the insurance company and get $4000 or keep it and get $3000.  This sounds like another answered prayer for a poor soon-to-be-married couple!

And my last note, I rocked my interview this morning!  I did much better at this interview than the first one I had with this company a month ago.  I also have two scheduled for tomorrow now.  Things might just be falling into place.  I love life...

a happy Christian bridezilla :-)

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