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Friday, April 29, 2011

i'm all cracked up

Kyle took me to the chiropractor again this morning.  Oddly enough though, I probably slept better last night than I have all the rest of the nights in the past week!  Anyway, I'm not sure he did much good because he only cracked my neck twice the whole time I was there.  He spent a lot of time on my back, which I thought was strange, but he would know better than I would..

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL today except for the wind!  It's tried to blow me away several times throughout the day and I did not appreciate it!  My mom and I had planned on taking Kyle and my dad out to our wedding site to use their logical brains for decorating purposes.  By the time we got done doing the rest of the stuff we'd planned to do today, we were wayyyy too tired to go all the way out there.  I just have to share why it took so long.  We went to Stage to buy the groomsmen's Converse shoes and found out they were having this AWESOME sale!  The shoes were BOGO $1.00!  How can you possibly beat that when you're buying in bulk?!  We encountered a bit of a problem though when we realized they only had one of the sizes that we needed.  The sales lady assured us that we could order them and have them shipped to our house at the same price so she got busy trying to figure out how to do that on her register.  We were standing there for AN HOUR, no joke, waiting for her to be able to figure out how to get a size 10 in men's...  I get that there are store policies, trust me, I'm all about the retail rules, but I would like to think that I could have gotten us out of there in 15 minutes if it were me.  I also wasn't very happy with her manager who made her clock out 5 minutes before she was done with us.  I don't find that to be very fair to the girl who just worked her butt off to help us get what we needed!  But she did get it figured out and as we were checking our receipts, we found that in the mess we think we got another discount on top of that..but we won't be going back in there for round two!  haha..

I sure hope those shoes get here in the ten-day period she guaranteed we would receive them in.  There aren't many more days than that for a grace period!  We are SOOOOOO close!  God has blessed me in so many ways!  I could not be happier to be marrying this guy.  He's so supportive (most of the time) and always has a way of making my stress go away temporarily..  Like I said...blessed...

Oh hey...I just saw Prince William and Princess Kate share their first kiss on TV.  I'm glad my wedding won't have all of that hype..I'm so simple for that kind of attention.  I wish them well!!!!

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