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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a SUITable day!

I had two interviews today!  Both of them seemed semi-promising.  I'm praying that one of the last three interviews that I've had will work out!!   Hopefully anyone who reads this will too..haha.  Anyway, one of these days I might become a blogger that takes pictures of her outfit ideas but I didn't think about it today and I'm already in my sweats trying to relax and prepare for tomorrow!  But I tried out a different kind of "businessy" outfit and I'm proud that my old Charlotte Russe methods have still pulled through for me!

Anyway, tomorrow...   Tomorrow I get to try on my dress again!!!!!!!!   At the doctor's office the other day I found out that I have gained four pounds and I'm not loving that.  I'm still as tiny as I was before but a bride-to-be can't be thrilled to be gaining weight when she's got a dress to fit into.  We shall find out tomorrow!!  I also get to bring home my bridesmaid dresses and I'm praying that those will have come in the right sizes also.  I'm sure my bridesmaids would appreciate that happening too..  Then I'm going to stop by the hair salon and show a picture of my newest hair idea to my stylist.  I'm running out of time to do it all!!!

After I get done with all of that, my mom and I are heading out to Camp Horizon to ask them about my list of details that keeps getting longer.  Parking, tables, sound system, etc..

Okay well off I go to get things ready!!!

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