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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have been slacking in my posts lately.  I literally have nothing exciting to talk about anymore.  I've just been working part-time at the mall and sitting around while Kyle is at work all day.  I've never been more ready to go back to a job in my life.  My teaching job starts back up at the beginning of August and I'm still trying to find a way to let the store know that I won't be staying..

I do have some exciting news but it won't be nearly as exciting for anyone else as it is for me!  I have received my discs that hold all the THOUSANDS of pictures from our wedding.  Since they have been in my possession, I have uploaded them onto my computer and shrunk them down to normal computer size and did some heavy elimination of the ones that I didn't see a need for.  The amount of pictures that I posted on Facebook are still rather excessive but I wanted a CD so I could share them!  I'm trying to decide how I can start adding them to my blogs.  I guess I will just start going in order of my most favorites and post one every time with a short description?  Let's give it a shot!

I chose to wear a pair of Chucks under my dress.  Since high school, I have worn shoes like these.  My very first pair in 10th grade ended up being a work of art.  I colored on them with markers and went crazy.  I have kept that particular pair but no longer wear them due to their "ugliness."  Since then I have always had at least one pair and have never written on them again!  I had a hard time deciding between the Converse idea and boots.  I grew up country but in high school I took the punk rock direction and made it my own.  I actually wore my converse to prom under my big pink dress!  I have outgrown that phase and now I just wear them with everything as a fashion accessory.  That being said, thinking back to my prom days and the last few years, I decided the Converse were the shoes I should wear under my big white dress!

Hope you enjoyed my first photo post.  There will definitely be more to come!

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  1. I went with boots. :) I even tried wearing heels for awhile... But before we started taking pics it had rained and they just kept sinking. So boots it was all day! And much more comfortable!!