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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wedding costs and nightmares.

I just woke up from a rough night's sleep.  My husband hasn't heard about my dream yet because he's still in bed but as soon as he wakes up, I will be demanding a comforting hug!  My dream had to do with him telling me he couldn't tell me he loved me because he wasn't a liar.  There's a bunch more to it but man, that dream was horrible.  Anyway, it was JUST a dream and I'm pretty sure I get to spend the day with him because we're both off today!!!

Now, moving on.  I have been asking my mom to add up all of the expenses for the wedding so I could know if my wedding was as cheap and simple as it felt.  She gave me the grand total of......   $4,000!!!!!!  I had no idea that it had been that cheap!!  I've heard most brides say that their budget was $10,000 and had a hard time staying within the budget.  I am so happy but I'm wondering how in the world I did it!  I know my dress was less than $500 and in all actuality I'd purchased two of them...more about that later..haha.  My photographer was $2000 and that was definitely overpriced considering the end result!  Anyway, I just really wanted to share that because of how in shock I was when my mom told me that.

Here are some more wedding pictures!  These are of Kyle waiting to see me for the first time.  This moment was a big reason for our choosing this site!  I don't know if these pictures will even do the view justice but I could see him waiting for me out on the end of this cliff in front of the cross.  I wanted pictures of him looking out across the valley below and waiting for me.  That is exactly what I got!

This one is kind of dark.

This is the "aisle" from the ceremony too.  I had to walk a long ways to see him for the first time!  This is one of  my favorite pictures!!!!


  1. WOW!!! Way to go!!! I think my total was just slightly more than that... Wondering about this two dresses story now though... haha.

  2. lol i got too excited when i went to buy a dress. i ended up getting one that wasn't "the dress" i'd always pictured having. so after i'd had it altered i still had to buy it, then i bought a totally different one. haha!