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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fourth of july weekend

My husband and I got to experience our first Fourth of July together this past weekend.  But before we were able to celebrate the independence of our wonderful country, we celebrated a wedding of two of my friends from college.  I have been searching high and low for a picture of their BEAUTIFUL wedding but nobody has posted any on Facebook yet and I have none because I was a bridesmaid.. I do have a picture of Kyle in our hotel though...

After this weekend, I highly recommend using Priceline to get a good deal on a hotel stay!  We were told to try it by some friends and I will never use any other method to reserve a room.  We put in a bid for the date and the price we wanted to pay and it found a hotel with a rating you select and reserve your room.  We were given a reservation at the Fairfield Inn for $50.  It was perfect for what we needed.

We got home late late late Sunday night (actually Monday morning) and we both had to work yesterday for the Fourth.  But...we both got off at 6:00 and we were able to drive home to my parents' for our tradition of hot dogs and burgers with the extended family.  We played with homemade ice cream and a couple of firecrackers for the kiddos, then my parents, my brother, Kyle, and I drove the trucks out into our pasture on top of a hill to watch all of the distant firework displays for an hour or so.

I look ghostly white but my flash is insane lol..
Overall, I'm proud of the way our first Fourth of July went down.. I can't wait to spend many many more with my husband!!!!!!

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