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Friday, July 1, 2011

from one poor wife to another...

While browsing around on The Nest a few minutes ago, I found an article that I think will prove itself very useful in my new married life!  The article is called "Easy Ways to Save $1000+"

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been living paycheck to paycheck lately.  (For me it's more like living from Kyle's paycheck to Kyle's paycheck..haha)  This next month will be our tightest financial month.  That's the downside to being a teacher for a school that's out all summer.  I don't start my job again until August and that's still a month away.  Kyle is at the risk of losing his position because he was only hired as a seasonal employee and has yet to get another one lined out.  He's had a couple of calls and we're praying that God's plan involves one of those places!  Hopefully we'll have your prayers too.  We wrote down the due dates for all of our bills last night and I'm hoping we didn't leave any out that will come back to bite us.

Anyway, that article is simply wonderful and I'm really glad that I read it because it will teach me to be frugal.  That word has never existed in my vocabulary.  Here I go..

-The Poor Wife

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I hope you're always blessed to live in at state with Braum's & Sonic unlike myself. And for the money frustrations, we certainly know how that goes. Mr. Puma & I are always shocked looking back on how we made it through last June-January. It got really tough at times with us not working for 4 months, moving and me in grad school, but somehow God saw us through and we're thankfully doing fine now. I hope you'll have the same prosperity soon!