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Sunday, July 17, 2011

sore muscles and pictures.

I have come to the realization that I'm not meant to work in retail any longer.  I loved my job at Charlotte Russe in my past life as a college student and the discount was AMAZING but now that I'm working at Deb, I hate it.  I have been there for all of three weeks and I'm pretty impressed that I haven't shopped in there once.  I haven't bought one single piece of merchandise while on the clock or as I'm coming in or out.  You can be proud of me; I am!  My husband is also very proud of me because our bank account has been very appreciative!  Anyhow, I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday and I've worked longer days but this was murder on my body.  I am walking around today feeling like a fever is coming on because of how my muscles feel.  When they ache like this, I am usually getting sick.  This time, I don't think that's the case.  I think I overdid it yesterday.  I don't even get soreness like this after working with 30 preschool kiddos all day long.  I am a VERY friendly person but after a shift at a store like that, I lose my motivation to talk to anybody and be nice.  I will welcome my teaching job back on August 1st.  It cannot come soon enough!

On a completely different note, I feel I should explain my pictures!  My dress originally had a white piece of fabric around the waist when I chose it.  But from day one, and I actually chose a different dress on day one, I have planned to have blue on my dress in some way.  Why blue?  Because I have blue eyes and I have blue sapphire stones in my ring!  I figured it would go well with my features and it would fit right in with my unique style!  I'm sure there are better pictures of my dress but I have a process of selecting which pictures I blog and I'm trying to go in order!  I am slightly strange like that.

Please come again soon for more pictures!

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