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Thursday, July 14, 2011


My dress was not pure white.  I didn't even realize this until I was searching for material to wear on my head.  I wanted pure white because I am very very VERY pale-skinned and did not want my wedding dress to be the same color as me.  However, I guess I got so carried away when I found the dress of my dreams that I didn't even think about the shade of white.  So once I came to grips with the ivory color of my dress, I began hunting for jewelry that would match.  I went with pearls.  In my personal opinion, I came out with a mixture of vintage and princess in my bridal look.

These are my mom's pearls.

This is a good shot of a few of my accessories.  Headscarf came from LOTS of material at Hobby Lobby.  The headband came from Claire's.  And I have no idea where the earrings came from :-)

Ignore the wedding ring on my finger..had it on for portraits..shh!!!

One of my favorite pictures.  It's the perfect color and you can see my long pearly/rhinestone necklace also!

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