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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

mommy says...

I really have nothing fun to talk about at the moment but my mother informed me today that I am falling behind on my blog posts.  That being said, hi!

I got the first half of the process to getting my name changed done today.  I'm pretty disappointed in the Kansas marriage license.  It is....ugly.  You see a lot of marriage certificates that actually resemble a "certificate" and not just a typed out application such as mine.  Unfortunately it will not be going on the wall anywhere; perhaps it will still go in the wedding scrapbook though.  Anyway, getting off track!  I got my driver's license taken care of and when it comes in the mail, I will be blessed to have proof that I'm a Lawson now officially!  PS-those signature things at the DMV...are horrible!  My license will be a sad display of my first time signing my name as Lawson on something official-like.

Tomorrow I intend to go find the Social Security office and take care of the second half!  I'm hoping that by the time I go back to work that I will be able to do paperwork with a new last name and represent the wife that I have become.  (no jokes please!)

Okay, maybe that will hold my mom over until next time.  Have a wonderful night!!!
-The Halfway Lawson

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