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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the long lost newlywed!

We are finally starting to get settled in!  I might have to start sharing our wedding and honeymoon excitement in different posts.  Two days before the wedding I went home sick from work.  I can't remember if I already posted something about that or not.  But two of the five WONDERFUL bridesmaids drove up that night to help me get everything ready.  We spent the evening tying bows and putting finishing touches on things.  On the day of the rehearsal, Carissa, Charla, and I drove up to Wichita to get our nails painted.  It was there that I was convinced to get fake nails because my already naturally long nails had seen better days after working with the kiddos all week.  My nails were awesome though and couldn't have been more perfect!  Zebra print is my favorite!

Anyway, one of my bridesmaids was my unofficial photographer and took fantastic pictures after our rehearsal while we were decorating the reception hall!  I have to find some of those before I can post them.  We did a lot of joyous dancing and laughing, while I was losing my voice of course!

I have plenty more to post about the wedding but my husband is now asking me if I'm about done so I will have to continue my wedding posts tomorrow.  We have internet now!!!

The Long Lost Newlywed

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