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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My top websites.

Every day when I open my laptop, I have to visit all of these websites before I can start doing what I originally sat down to do.  I have always been a procrastinator at her finest but who could ignore what the internet has to offer these days?!

1.  Facebook
I'm sure you're not surprised.  Who doesn't have a Facebook nowadays?  I am part of the generation that this was intended for.  Of course, since then it has found many different ages sitting in front of the computer screen (or phones!) obsessing about what they're reading about people they know.  I really got hooked on this website when I saw how "safe" it was to start out.  It gave so many options for privacy and I still like that.  I leave a tab open with Facebook all day long.  The chat option has really changed my life.  It's so much better than MSN or Yahoo in my opinion.

This website takes care of all things random.  I only recently discovered it myself.  I'm sure I was a late arrival too because everyone else seemed to have already discovered it!  I have recently started giving myself a limit of 5 stumbles every time I visit the site so that I don't waste too much time there.

3.  Blogger

Of course you know what this one is.  I felt kind of silly posting a picture of the site on the site but...it's part of my blog today!  I get on here not only to think about posting but also to read all of the blogs that I follow.  I tend to follow the newlywed blogs and cooking blogs but I also follow a few of my friends' blogs too.  You get such great ideas from the creativity going on in blogs these days!

I am also a new visitor this website as well.  I discovered it a little bit before my wedding and got a lot of great ideas from it!  They have hairstyles, decorating tips, fashion, food, and so much more.  There's a lot of creativity out there that helps me make up for my lack of it!

5.  YouTube
Naturally everybody else knows this website too.  I check it more now than I ever have because now it gives suggestions based on the things that I have already watched.  I have used it for hair tutorials, movie trailers, hmmm...what else?  Everything is on YouTube now.

Well, I realize that my websites are probably pretty similar to everyone else's and that anybody reading this will probably think that I'm a lame blogger.  Oh well, I was bored today!  Happy surfing!

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