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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I'm getting frustrated with the policies for this name-change process.  I go in to these places fully armed with marriage license, new driver's license, and new social security card, only to find out that I'm missing one thing...my husband.  Why in the world would he have to consent to my changing my name?  He signed the marriage license!!  Anyway, I guess my bank card will have to stay the same for a while.  I see this being an issue since I was forced to write "see ID" on the back of my debit card and my ID has a different name than the card.  That is all.  Stay tuned for happier posts..

-Frustrated Newlywed

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  1. OOH! That is lame!!! That's something I am NOT looking forward to... Thanks for stopping by My Road to Mrs! I do hope our license is something not ugly... haha we'll see!