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Thursday, June 23, 2011

my veil.

So I've realized how off-track I have gotten with my wedding day blogs.  I can't remember where I left off and so I'm just going to talk about my hair and veil today.  I stole the idea from a girl who was on Girl Meets Gown on the We channel.  I absolutely fell in love with her idea.  Her name is Jessica and I think I watched this episode over and over.  I became a stalker at her finest while searching websites trying to find pictures of this girl's veil so I could copy the idea!  I found her blog and bookmarked her page that explains about her veil idea...

I loved everything about her wedding.  I had my own ideas but I for sure wanted to use her headscarf thing.  I tossed it around in my mind for months before I finally decided that's what I wanted to do.  I even spent the money on two packages of extensions before I chose to do that.  I had always wanted my hair down at my wedding and naturally, I got engaged right after I chopped it off!

I spent a lot of money on that headscarf.  I made several trips to Hobby Lobby to buy different lengths of fabric so that my alterations lady could take care of the frayed edges and still have it the right length.  That part wasn't so fun...but we finally got it taken care of!  I liked her hairstyle but my hair isn't as curly as hers is.  I searched for what I called a "bird's nest" updo that would hold on our windy cliff at the wedding site.  I found the perfect one:

I loved this.  I took it to my salon and she tried it several different ways before she mastered it.  She ended up having to use a couple of my extensions anyway to give it the fuller look.  I'm very excited to show you the finished product!!!
For the most part, my hair stayed intact while the wind was blowing the veil out of my hair all day.  The updo itself looked good all day but the little curly tendrils around my face didn't make it.  I've posted this picture before but here is a full shot of my headscarf/veil!
I can't wait until my photographer sends me the disc of ALL my wedding pictures so I can post different ones!!!  Stay tuned...

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